Monday, February 11, 2013

February 8th meeting notes

Thank you to all who attended our first meeting of Oxfam-Salt Lake! We had a great turn out and are really excited about all of the ideas that everyone contributed to our mission/fundraising this year. You have a lot of talent and passion and experience to bring to the mix and we welcome any feedback!
At our meeting, we discussed Oxfam's model for aid/development, looked at what kind of projects Oxfam is doing around the world and went over some ideas for ways we can raise awareness/fundraise here in Salt Lake.

Some of our ideas for upcoming fundraisers include:
 - Farmer's Market booth (a couple of Saturdays Aug-Oct)
 - 5K walk/run (summer)
 - Hunger Banquet (late fall)

We also discussed our upcoming International Women's Day Fundraiser on March 8th at Dolcetti Gelato! We decided to change the time (7pm-11pm) so that we can have more time to hear from more artists and watch short clips about Oxfam sponsored women around the world in between sets. It is going to be a lot of fun - so let's make sure we get the word out to friends/family to save the date! We will meet again on February 22nd from 6:30-8:30pm (same place - 65 W. Girard Ave SLC UT 84103) to get updates and finalize plans, but just a reminder- before our next meeting, we need to look for:

- Floral sponsors (any floral shops that would like to donate flowers to us so that we can give them out (for a small donation) at the women's day celebration at Dolcetti)
- More acoustic artists that would like to come play for about 20 minutes (and donate all/part of cd sales)
- Silk screening company (that would like to donate some screen printed Oxfam shirts for us to sell)

Just a note: although we cannot provide receipts for tax deductions, we will put a sign up at the event advertising our sponsors!

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